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Olympic Taekwondo | Patterns, Sparring, Translations & Blog

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Taekwondo Olímpico | Patrones, Sparring, Traducciones de blog Taekwondo olímpico | patrones, sparring, traducciones de blog    
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Los patrones de taekwondo oficial wtf - federación mundial de taekwondo poomse
http://www.olympictaekwondo.org/  en  

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Orlando escribió 03-10-2015 :
I'm not sure that this modern wave of self-deprecation is an atuidtte about the arts so much as it is a cultural atuidtte in general for which the arts tend to take the brunt. I like Animal Collective. I like Beethoven. I'm just as likely to refer to myself as dirty, plaid-swathed hipster for liking Merriweather Post as I am to say that I accidentally left my tophat and monocle in my emerald-covered zeppelin while listening to the 5th. And it's not just pop culture. Even the things actual things that I'm most proud of in life I'm not above joking about (though I won't mention them, due to Humblebrag). Maybe self-deprecation is more about strategic cultural humility in the omnipresent face of digital media. Not only can every0ne see (and judge) our opinions right now, everywhere, and constantly, we also have to worry that, in a hundred years, after our great-grandchildren have read our sum total online output on their hypercubes, we may be known as Great-Grandpa Who Bought The Second Album From The Darkness. We're the first generation to be on the record, for everything, forever. I suppose a little disaffection is only reasonable while we come to terms. But of course, what do I know? J

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