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Dojo Aikido Ista Quebec - Montreal - Canada - Dojoista International

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Aikido Dojo Ista Quebec - Montreal - Canadá - Internacional Dojoista Aikido dojo ista quebec - montreal - canadá - internacional dojoista    
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Aikido ista montreal - escuela de la escuela de aikido dojo d montreal quebec-parte de aikido canadá y dojoista internacional. vídeos de aikido, seminarios en montreal. bilingue
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Karcy escribió 07-08-2016 :
Gosh, I wish I would have had that inofamrtion earlier!

Harriet escribió 03-10-2015 :
It is so interesting, Carmen, to hear your enexriepce of practice with Kato Sensei. When I came to the seminar to watch ( knees insist I train by the sidelines) I felt a similar feeling a calm joy in the room. Everyone seemed to be having a fun time.I contrast this weekend with the early days of Kato visits, when the atmosphere was grimmer, with many of us trying to figure out how we too could do Aikido like KS. I am sure there is still some of that but seems more and more the students are out there enjoying themselves, each other and the practice of flowing with the energy.

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