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IKF Kickboxing

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IKF Kickboxing Ikf kickboxing    
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Actualización y próximos eventos, noticias e información general.
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Laquisha escribió 06-08-2016 :
parli di “mondo altro” io direi parallelo, dai confini sempre meno delineati, dove a volte bisogna dire “STOP non voglio sapere al#&1rt822o;, altrimenti rischi di essere risucchiato dal digitale

Micheal escribió 19-05-2016 :
I gave up chocolate many years ago because it was one of my binge foods. Ha7v;&#821ent had any since 1996. Still, I like looking at these muffins. Very pretty. Thanks for the comment on the kettlebell. After reading the book, I felt like a bit of a wimp only buying a 15 pounder. But I need to remember I’m not competing with anyone except myself. The bottom line is to get in a good work out, and if I need to do more reps to accomplish that, I will.

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