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Jiu-Jitsu Brésilien Méditerranée

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Jiu-Jitsu Brasileñas Mediterranee Jiu-jitsu brasileñas mediterranee    
( 21 acceso desde 28-01-2010 )
Asociación de brazilian jiu-jitsu bjj en barcares pirineos orientales 66. nuestra asociación tiene como objetivo practicar jiu-jitsu bresilien.nous atribuyen hugo febrero, cinturón negro y representante de la escuela de la alianza en francia.
http://jjbmediterranee.wifeo.com  fr  

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Wanti escribió 28-09-2014 :
proper terminology is not just<a href="http://shfrxhpnp.com"> sincmteas</a>. Judo does not fall under the umbrella of Ju Jutsu, Judo is not a Jutsu it is a Gendai. Jutsu arts are not sports, they are meant to kill or maim and are trained for those purposes. Judo for example was designed to be a sport that allows partners to fully resist each others attacks with the thought of always having safety and mutual respect. So dont confuse yourself by thinking<a href="http://shfrxhpnp.com"> sincmteas</a> is the only difference.

Cristina escribió 26-09-2014 :
Judo was created for self desnefe. kano took what he knew from jujitsu and then organized the techniques and removed others so that moves could be practiced at full speed against a resisting opponent as he thought that live sparring was a better way to learn than in kata only. it was not developed to be a sport but to be more sophisticated than jujistu which was just a collection of random techniques. it was adopted as the art for the japanese police before it was called a sport.

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